Price: TBA
Stock # LR-10

Located in our Euro workshop

Undergoing Restoration we offer a SAUDIE spec with Aircon (In Dash Unit not bolt on underneath style), 3.5 litre V8 with 49,000 kilometers or 30,447 miles! % spped Trans, Stripped & repainted in BMW Frozen Grey metallic, stainless exhaust system.
2nd row seats are being made now, in waterproof EXMOOR outlast fabric, door tops have to be installed as well. They have just finished doing all the wheel bearings, brake hoses, brake rotors, calipers, shocks, springs, we also installed uprated front and rear anti roll bars. Choice of wheels can be installed.

About 4 weeks from now before it is ready to ship. I am also waiting for a stainless exhaust system.